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Mt. Hope Street sees a lot of new faces enjoying a daily walk

By Max

With much of the population remaining in their homes during the COVID-19 crisis, daily exercise is recommended to stay healthy, both mentally and physically.

This could be a regular cardio routine or a daily yoga flow. Perhaps an hour a day on the home elliptical. And then there’s the tried and true walk in the outdoors.

Case in point, Mount Hope Street, near the St. Mary’s Cemetery. North Attleborough resident Sara Maloney walks this area often, but said that prior to the pandemic, she would only see a few people during her excursions. Since then, she has had a good deal of company.

On Saturday, March 21, she wrote that around a dozen people were out, but it didn’t feel crowded. Rather, people were very spaced out—maintaining the recommended six-foot distance from one another—and willing to use opposite sides of the road when passing. Some were walking by themselves or in pairs, while others walked their dogs or pushed strollers. She remembered seeing an elderly couple was sitting quietly in the sun.

Though we did not encounter anyone we knew, each person we saw put smiles on their faces when eye contact was made,” she wrote. “Most were more than willing to exchange simple pleasantries from a distance (a wave, “hello”, “good afternoon”, “enjoy your walk”).

Maloney said that days like this can be a reminder that the beauty of life will outshine fear and negativity, if given the chance.

Stepping away from the daily onslaught of stressful news, and experiencing the simple gifts of nature and kindness is good for the soul,” she wrote. “It’s quite amazing to realize that you can feel more connected to your community during a time of social isolation when you allow yourself to prioritize an attitude of gratitude.”

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