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North youth takes to Facebook for arts, storytelling livestream

By Max

As people plan to stay at home the next couple of weeks, many are searching online for ways to pass the time.

Enter Reagan Lapointe.

Reagan and her father Keith Lapointe have been hosting daily livestreams on Keith’s Facebook page. In each video, which sees many viewers, shares, and comments, Reagan leads arts and crafts projects, reads from books such as “Hop on Pop” and “ When I Grow Up” by Weird Al Yankovic, and does ‘Freeze Dances’ to popular music. Keith serves as planner and scheduler, and jokes that people have told him this could be a new career.

We’re getting such a positive response, people sending messages how much their kids were valuing it,” said Keith. “There’s one class with four kids that have been doing it each day.”

Keith said they’ll continue doing the videos as often as they can and may continue doing so after schools and businesses reopen.

Reagan had been taking classes in babysitting at the YMCA when her father suggested she could do livestream storytimes. It evolved from there and after each video people send text messages and videos thanking them for the program. When she mentioned doing the Freeze Dances—Reagan will dance to a song and try to freeze in place when Keith stops the music—she said a lot of people got excited. Prior to each livestream, they’ll make a brief preview video showing what they’ll be doing.

I feel really happy by making other people happy,” she said. “I like making the kids feel better.”

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