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Substitute teacher removed from NAHS after being seen smoking marijuana

A substitute teacher at North Attleborough High School will no longer be allowed to work in the town’s schools in any capacity after students observed him smoking marijuana on Monday.

According to a letter sent by NAHS Principal Peter Haviland to parents, on Monday, several students reported that the teacher had been leading conversations in a classroom about smoking marijuana and was observed using it in front of them. The students reported this to school administration, and after confirming the report, removed this person—who has not been identified—from the premises.

Effectively immediately, that individual is no longer employed in our school, will not gain employment in any role within the North Attleborough Public Schools, and will not be allowed on our campus for any event or reason,” the letter read.

Haviland added that no students had been harmed and it is believed that this person does not pose a safety concern to the school. He wrote that the incident is counter to the belief and practices of the North Attleborough school community.

While this incident is of significant concern to our school, we are grateful to the students who recognized and quickly acted upon the need to report this incident which allowed school administrators to intervene as soon as possible,” wrote Haviland.

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