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North Attleborough Fire Log, Nov. 24-Dec. 2

From Nov. 24 through Dec. 2, the North Attleborough Fire Department responded to 77 calls for emergency services.

  • 53 of these were emergency medical calls, of which 39 required advanced life support measures
  • Six motor vehicle accidents
  • The remaining calls were the result of a variety of otherwise unspecified reasons

In the early morning hours of Dec. 1, all department companies responded to a serious rollover accident on Route 95 North which resulted in a fatality. At the same time and completely unrelated to this incident, another serious motor vehicle crash occurred in the southbound lane where a single car went off the road into the woods causing complete destruction of the vehicle and injuries to the driver.

We are in the time of year with the least amount of daylight and colder temperatures. Driving becomes an even more dangerous activity in low/no light with slippery roads and rain or snow causing visibility issues. Please do not add to the hazards already present by driving distractedly or impaired. While we enjoy meeting people every day, we certainly do not want to meet anyone as the result of a crash. Please be safe and continue to enjoy the holiday season.

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