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Students shown the risks of drunk and distracted driving in mock accident 

A choice

Students shown the risks of drunk and distracted driving in mock accident 

Shouts of “You killed someone!” “I’m sorry!” “You killed her!” echoed across the parking lot of North Attleborough High School during a mock accident to show the very real results of drunk or distracted driving. 

Students watched as a group of their classmates took on the roles of teens out on the road. The mock presentation, held on Thursday, Oct. 3, involved eight students in the theater company—many made to look like they had been badly injured—as well as police and paramedics. An audio track played at the scene of the crash, depicting a group of friends drinking while on the road and checking their phones, when suddenly two cars collide. Real vehicles damaged to mimic a crash were brought to the parking lot of the school. 

Students in the North Attleborough High School’s theater company portrayed teens who get in a car accident as part of a presentation on the dangers of drunk and distracted driving. Following the ‘accident,’ the teens argue as to what happened and who is responsible. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
Hadley Mantia calls the police to report the accident. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

First responders arrived at the scene, spoke to the teens to learn what happened and how, and checked each to see the extent of the injuries. The overall effect was very intense, and many of the students watched in silence as the students frantically tried to make sense of what happened and the paramedics and police worked the scene. 

One of the passengers was declared to be ‘deceased.’ Another had to be removed from a vehicle after becoming trapped. One of the drivers was taken aside and given a sobriety test. He argued with police the entire time and was taken away in handcuffs after it was determined that he was drunk at the time of the accident.

The mock accident included a response by police and fire. Here, an officer checks a teen who was ejected from the vehicle following the accident. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
Jason Montes became the suspect in the accident as one of the drivers. Here, he argues with police as they attempt to learn what happened. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
Abby McCally and Will Redding comfort each other following an accident that left one passenger dead, another hospitalized, and a third arrested. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

The students who took part in the presentation are—Jason Montes, Zoe Tevyaw, Elvis Young, Abby McCally, Bailey Hobbs, Sophia Serra, Will Redding, and Hadley Mantia.

Fire Department Lt. Brian Kelley later said that what they saw was very similar to the real thing. He added everything that happened was the result of a choice.

“That life is over,” he said of the teen placed in handcuffs. “One bad decision changes lives.”

Kelley said he wanted the gathered students to watch out for one another, to prevent tragedies like this from happening. 

“We want you to grow up and have that chance,” said Kelley.

Bailey Hobbs is removed from a vehicle after being trapped in an accident, a mock presentation held at North Attleborough High School. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
Will Redding is devastated after a mock accident that left one of his friends dead. Staff Photo/Max Bowen
Jason Montes is placed under arrest after a mock accident after it was determined he was drunk at the time. This was done to illustrate the risks of driving drunk or distracted. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

Afterward, the students heard from police and fire about some of the real-life impacts of distracted and drunken driving. Student Resource Officer Kristine Crosman said police can pull over drivers for being on their phones, which could result in a $100 citation. They can also be charged with endangering. 

“All because you decided to answer some stupid text message,” she said. 

Firefighter/paramedic Jen Skye told the students of a number of accidents, one of which involved the driver being on Facebook Live behind the wheel and later crashed. 

“I challenge you to put us out of work,” said Skye. “I don’t mind not having to go to these calls.”

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