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Town Election Candidate Profile-Dan Knight for Park Commissioner

Name: Daniel Knight

Position running for: Park Commissioner

Other boards, committees, or organizations that you are or have been a member of:

  • 2019 – North Attleboro RTM
  • 2010-11 Design Review Committee – Vernon, Conn
  • 2004-2010 Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transit Advisory Committee – San Rafael, Cali.

What experience do you bring to the table that would be of use to the position you are running for?

I have K-12 recreation administrative experience as a high school athletic director and coach of 28 high school teams in three different sports. I also spent many years working for my hometown’s Parks & Recreation Department, taking many roles including organizing and administering summer camps along with assisting with the administration of adult athletic leagues.

My municipal experience includes: 2019 term on the North Attleboro RTM, 2010-11 Design Review Committee – Vernon, CT, 2004-2010 Advisory Committee – Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transit District – San Rafael, CA.

By far the most relevant experience I have for the job of Park Commissioner is the countless teams I have coached and played on that has led to a passion for the values of recreational activities benefiting families and communities.

What three issues do you wish to focus on if elected?

First, I would support the process of a master plan for all North Attleborough’s parks and recreation facilities. We should take a cost-effective approach to get to a point where we are upgrading our facilities before they get to a state of disrepair or to a state where those facilities are solely dependent on outside organizations and grants to keep them accessible. More coordination and lobbying to the Town Council can only help the Parks & Recreation Department when it comes to funding.

Second, I would support the goal of equal coordination with all the organizations who are dependent upon and support the town’s park and recreation facilities. I will be a sounding board for all the local recreation organizations and my K-12 administrative background will benefit me in addressing their concerns.

Third, the Parks Commission should have a clearer view of its role in the administration of North Attleborough’s Parks & Recreation Department. A benefit of the new town government structure is a streamlined process to have issues addressed by the Park Commission brought to the executive branch more quickly through the Parks & Recreation Director. I will work to increase the communication with the Town Manager and Parks & Recreation Director to define more clearly what the commission’s role is.

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