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Driveway artwork helps lift spirits amidst crisis

Sandra Rodas-Fraenkel’s daughter’s creation included many colorful flowers and a message “Stay Safe.” Courtesy photo

By Max

Several young artists are using their chalk to provide uplifting messages as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Massachusetts residents have been told to self-quarantine as tests continue to determine the full extent of the COVID-19 virus in the state. At present, the town has four confirmed cases and the Mass Department of Public Health has confirmed 646 cases. Several states have imposed lockdowns or issued ‘shelter in place’ orders.

It can be a lonely experience to be confined to the home for such a long period. To help brighten their neighbors’ days, children and their families living in the Cliffs section of town have drawn messages of hope and kindness on their driveways. This was done as part of the Chalk Your Walk event held over the weekend. Michelle Hardenbergh had seen several posts on Facebook for Chalk Your Walk events and thought it would be a good idea.

She approached Danielle Harbour, who runs the Cliffs Living Neighborhood Magazine and it was soon posted to its Facebook page.

Our community is so involved with different things and does different events,” said Hardenbergh. “And everyone seems to excited about it.

Hardenbergh estimates that between five and 10 homes participated, and the messages have been very positive. Messages of “We got this,” “Keep smiling” and “Stay safe” can be seen, and she said it’s good for the children to be involved. She told her own sons about the event and said they were excited.

It’s interesting to see how they’re seeing this and trying to spark the joy,” she said. “I think it’s nice seeing everyone come together.”

Barbara O’Hara’s daughter and her mother’s artwork encourage people to wash their hands and reminded them to “Stay Health You’re Awesome.”

People are actually going out for walks to see who drew on their driveway and see what the messages are,” she said.

Sandra Rodas-Fraenkel’s daughter’s creation included many colorful flowers and a message “Stay Safe.” She said many of their neighbors have grabbed their chalk to make their own artwork.

We decided to join because we needed some brightness and positivity,” she said. “I do think people have taken notice. I saw many neighbors walking around the cul-de-sac yesterday going around just to read the messages from the kids. I know it helped put a smile on faces and getting people to walk around while still staying safe.”

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