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Girls basketball coach wants to bring a winning attitude to the team

As part of the girl’s high school basketball varsity team, Ashley Keppa said she and her team brought “winning ways” to their games.

As the team’s next coach, Keppa wants to revive that mindset that she grew up with on the court.

Keppa was announced as the team’s new coach on Sept. 22, with her first day on the job Oct. 1. Prior to becoming the coach at NAHS, she coached the Bedford High girls basketball team and served as head coach for the Mass. Premier Amatuer-Athletic Union.

A North Attleborough High School alumni, Keppa played basketball throughout high school until her graduation in 2009. She said her experiences on the court molded her views on being an athlete.

“I had a dad who wanted me to be the top athlete and there was a lot of tough love,” Keppa said. “As a coach I want to have a better understanding of what the girls need socially, emotionally and intelligently.”

For Keppa, building a relationship with the team has been a priority during her first days on the job. She has held frequent meetings with seniors, juniors and sophomores to understand their goals for the upcoming season better and establish strong communication skills.

“For us, I would like to get the winning ways back into North Attleborough,” Keppa said. “Growing up, there was a culture of winning in our successes, and I would like to bring those ways back into the team and in town.”

Winning games and championships isn’t the only objective on Keppa’s mind. As a coach, she is responsible for organizing events and classes for the North Attleborough Youth Basketball competitive program for fourth through eighth-grade students.These programs include summer camps focused on basketball and games at the Hockomock YMCA.

Keppa said she believes that she and older basketball players can do more to generate interest in the sport, such as fostering growth for younger children who want to learn how to play.

“I really want to generate excitement in girls basketball,” Keppa said. “It gives our girls opportunities to give back to the younger generation.”

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