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North students learn careers and community service at Futures Day


By Max

The North Attleborough Schools’ recent Futures Day had some unexpected lessons.

Held on Oct. 12, the event is designed to allow students to interact with a wide variety of career paths. It featured question and answer discussions and focused on industries such as business, education, engineering, information technology, and manufacturing.

Futures Day also included a partnership with Keep North Attenborough Beautiful (KNAB) and the community service group North Serves. Two students drove around to pick up donated footwear and a larger group picked up litter on several roads including Landry Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue, Elm Street, and S. Washington Street.

KNAB Director Marsha Goldstein said the organization’s members were thrilled to collaborate with North Serves for the first time and it was fun meeting the students who collected the litter. Approximately 15 bags of litter were picked up, and it’s hoped that students gained an appreciation for the need to keep the environment clean.

“The two students who were assigned to pick up donated shoes did a super job and many filled bags were returned,” wrote Goldstein.

Twenty students took part in the cleanup, and along with litter, found something most unexpected—a credit card and several other cards lost by NAHS History Teacher Derek Herber. The day before Futures Day, Herber had been out for a walk and lost the cards when he sat down. He tried retracing his steps, but was unable to find the cards.

“I went searching for it, high and low,” said Herber. “I thought where I had been and walked. I thought the worst.”

The next day he asked the front office to let him know if anyone had found the cards. A short time later he received an e-mail that NAHS students Thanay Puduru and Joshua Factor had found the cards, not too far from where they were lost. He said it was a testament to the NAHS students that they chose to return the cards. Factor is one of Herber’s students.

“They’re doing the right thing—they found it and turned it in to the proper people,” said Herber. “It talks about how good our kids are at the community’s high school.”


A cleaner North Attleborough

Below is a list of students who took part in the Oct. 12 cleanup


Nathaniel Burns

Anthony DaSilva

Jake Gaskin

Paul Texeira

Soph Leary

Amelie Rivera

Hunter Diggins

Jada Carlson

Dillon Harding

Eliude Alcenat

Ayden Delaney

Julian House

Ashley Candelet

Sebastian Sanches Mondragon

Thanay Chandra Puduru

Sebastian Nuay

Daniel Locke

Yvonne Klarwasser

Sophia Kopp

Josh Factor

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