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North Attleborough artist to host front yard show

Beauchesne’s work spans multiple genres, including drawings of girls and animals. Courtesy photo

By Max

When you can’t get to the art museum, there’s only one thing to do—bring the show home.

Sophia Beauchesne, 10, and her mother Kerri are putting the finishing touches on a pop-up front yard art gallery, to be held outside their home at 205 S. Washington St. on Saturday, May 16. The show will begin around 11 a.m. and last all day, with Sophia’s works on display.

With the school buildings closed for the remainder of the academic year, Sophia has had time to work on her art after finishing her distance learning. The idea for the gallery came about after seeing so many people out walking around and children making chalk drawings on their driveway or painting ‘kindness rocks.’

With all the extra time at home, she’s honed her love of drawing,” said Kerri. “We decided it would be kind of cool.”

Kerri hopes to expand on this event and create an “Art Walk” a community-wide next year, and have a day for all kids in town to display their art, no matter the format, in their front yards for passersby to enjoy. Sophia has also been incorporating local businesses into some of her drawings to generate awareness and Whisk and Paddle Bakery just purchased a drawing of a girl at the bakery. In lieu of money, the family asked for a gift certificate so that they can put the money back into the local businesses that have been affected.

Sophia has been drawing for the last six years, and has an Instagram page for her work. Her skills span different genres, from mountain and ocean landscapes, to a 3-D sculpture of a girl, to drawings of cats she made while volunteering at the North Attlebrough Animal Shelter. She added that cats are her spirit animal. Sophia said that she’s excited for the show and will have some new works on display.

Art is a big part of the life,” she said. “Good art comes from deep down in your heart.”

If you take any photos from the gallery, please use #frontyardartgallery when posting to social media to help spread news about the event.

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