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Happiness in a letter—one way high school seniors are staying positive

By Catherine Hanewich-North Star Reporter Intern

Editor’s Note: Catherine Hanewich participated in a letter exchange with a friend, which led to this larger program for other students.

North Attleborough High School [NAHS] seniors have joined in a quarantine letter exchange as a way to spread some cheer to their classmates.

The students wrote about past memories, compliments, and other positive comments in letters for their peers. The idea was to help each other through this challenging time. Olivia Forbes came up with this idea, along with the class advisors, when she received a letter from her friend through the mail with a list of all of their memories together. Forbes said she was so happy when she read through it, and thought it would be even better for a lot of people to try and do it and reach out to people outside of their friend group.

I really wanted people to write whatever they wanted to and make it their own,” said Forbes. “I thought making a list of memories they had was a good idea, how they helped get them through high school, or something they’ve always wanted to say but never really knew how/when to.”

Forbes said that during this time, high school seniors all are going through the same thing: an end to their year three months early, along with no sports and potentially no end-of-year activities such as the prom and graduation.

How the letter exchange worked was a senior would contact Forbes through the social media platform Instagram saying they wanted to write a letter, then pick a fellow senior from a list. After, they would write whatever they wanted to bring positivity to a fellow classmate.

I wrote about the many experiences I had with my person in my letter and how he made an impact throughout my life,” said School Senior Hannah Davis. “I also finished it by wishing him the best of luck and that I couldn’t wait to see what he accomplished in years to come.”

Senior Joey Barrows said he wrote about why he appreciates the person he chose and his favorite memories with them.

Forbes chose to have school friends or peers to write a letter to each other because “words could mean that much more, and that “it would be a great way for all of us to bond together and help each other during quarantine.”

Senior Grace Cole is proof that Forbes’ goal was successful.

I was beyond excited to receive my letter, it literally made my whole day,” said Cole. “To think that a student I go to school with took the time to write it for me meant so much!

Forbes said her hopes were to just to make everyone’s day a little better during this time and maybe start some new friendships.

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