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How can you make learning fun? Turn it into a coloring book

By Catherine Hanewich–North Star Reporter Intern

Tim Jones—creator of the popular Sour Grapes comic strip—recently released a coloring book that addresses the issue of bullying.

Jones’ new book, “Aesop and Ominous Meet the Bully Cloud” is a coloring book and story that teaches young children about bullying. In this comic, the two characters, Aesop the dog, and Ominous, the pet cloud, are on a walk, and run into a bully cloud. The bully cloud then makes fun of Ominous because he can not thunder as loud as the bully cloud, and Ominous and Aseop learn how to deal with this situation.

In this story, children can learn why one should not bully others and how to deal with bullies, while still being able to color and have fun. Jones hopes that this story will show kids that they can be “proud of (themselves), regardless of what other people think,” and gives out the message of “ don’t let anybody make fun of you. Make sure you tell an adult if that’s happening.”

Jones’ inspiration for bringing awareness to bullying was from hearing stories from his wife, who is a first grade teacher.

She comes home with stories sometimes of even kids of that age bullying other kids,” said Jones, a former Attleboro resident.

Jones said that he wanted to do his part, and decided he would use his platform to give kids a creative opportunity to “learn something and have some fun at the same time.”

Jones plans to have an appearance at Wild Time Comics in South Attleboro on May 2 at Free Comic Book Day. He also plans to have a signing and cartooning with the kids on May 31 at the Barnes and Noble in Smithfield, R.I.

Visit Tom Jones’ website;, to find out more on future events, interviews with the author, merchandise, and other information.


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