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Bishop Feehan awarded NASA Endeavor STEM Leadership Certificate

Bishop Feehan High School proudly announces its recognition as the
first-ever awardee of building-level leadership in STEM education from the NASA Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project and the U.S. Satellite Laboratory.

“Bishop Feehan is the first district in the country to earn the
building-level stem leadership certificate designation,” said Endeavor
STEM Program Director Dr. Karen Woodruff. “This is an initiative that
we recently started and we are thrilled that Bishop Feehan will be our
inaugural awardee.”

Three Bishop Feehan science teachers, Eileen Correia, Audrey Lavertuband Kelly Gomez were awarded Leadership Certificates in STEM Education for their outstanding efforts during the certificate project.

A component of the STEM Leadership program included designing and implementing professional learning opportunities for colleagues.
Correia shared data on ocean parameters that support student
understanding of phytoplankton and photosynthesis. Lavertu and Gomez designed and implemented a professional session on teaching climate change through an interdisciplinary lens. They shared NASA resources from the Endeavor STEM program with biology, chemistry, and physics colleagues to demonstrate the entry points for a variety of STEM content areas.

“We have learned and can bring into the classroom a practical approach to science in current events that have real-time NASA Data to show the students what is really happening,” said Gomez. “It is truly amazing the amount of data that is available to teachers and students.”

The Endeavor STEM Teaching Certificate Project and U.S. Satellite
Laboratory serve K-12 educators nationally. Partnerships with
institutions of higher education provide options for educators to earn
a professional certificate or master’s degree. A Space Act Agreement
with the NASA Office of STEM Engagement ensures direct connection to NASA scientists, engineers, and the many personnel who support NASA’s mission and visions.

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