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NAHS grad to make commencement speech at Dean College

As Madison Frechette brings her time at Dean College to a close, she has some advice for the incoming freshmen—be willing to change.

Frechette, a 2020 graduate of North Attleborough High School, has been chosen to speak on behalf of the Class of 2024 at Dean’s 158th commencement ceremony on May 18.

Set to graduate with honors, Frechette is a double major, earning both two Bachelor of Science degrees in business management and marketing. She is also earning an Associate in Arts degree in dance.

While at Dean College, Frechette was a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, the National Honors Society of Dance Arts, the Golden Key International Honor Society, and Phi Eta Sigma. She also achieved Sophomore Honors Distinction and is an active member of the National Dance Education Organization.

The following is a series of questions sent by the North Star Reporter to Frechette, which she responded to.

How do you feel about giving the commencement address?

I think I am filled with a sense of pride coupled with a bit of nervousness. I recognize the opportunity for being a distinct honor, but naturally, nerves are still present. I am growing more and more confident as we get closer. I think the resounding theme I have been feeling is grateful.

What will you be the focus of your address?

The focus of my address is in the storytelling. I tell my story from first-year to graduation. The three major themes of my speech are academics, community building and finding a family at Dean College. I tie them all together with a tone of gratitude and genuine appreciation for the campus, the people and the places. It’s a celebration of our collective accomplishments, and more than anything it is a thank you to the place that brought out the best version of me.

How would you sum up your time at Dean?

My time at Dean was incredibly fulfilling, both personally, socially, and academically. It has been a great experience to have involvement in the School of Dance and School of Business. I have flourished academically and have found some life-long friends along the way. The Dean College community is incredibly supportive.

If you were to speak with an incoming freshman, would there be any singular piece of advice youd want to offer? 

The singular piece of advice I’d give to an incoming freshman would be to allow yourself to change. The first-year Madison is certainly not the senior-year Madison, and that is a great thing. Allow yourself to change friends; not everyone will be a good friend. Allow yourself to change hobbies; you may discover some new ones. Allow yourself to be different; this is when your really developing yourself, so embrace it.

You double majored in business management and marketing. What are your plans after college? Will your associates degree in dance play a role?

Upon graduation, I am working as a marketing associate at KLR in Providence full-time. Here I am really going to develop my social media skills as well as general campaign marketing skills. I am going to continue teaching dance at several local dance studios in New England as well, developing myself as a dance educator. I hope to one day join a performance team and continue dancing myself. I love the balance of the business world and dance world, and happily will continue to blend the both into my daily life. I hope to continue to travel post-grad as well to see more of the world.

What about Dean College inspired you to enroll?

Dean College was close to home so I could maintain friendships and relationships at home. It also allowed me to continue to work. Not only that, it was the smartest school financially for me – I was blessed enough to receive the Hockomock Area YMCA Dean College scholarship in 2020. I loved the small community feel of the school and the rigorous dance program. This school was a great option to me as its size allowed me to form connections easier than at a larger scale school. Something about Franklin and Dean just seemed like my home!

How did you come to found the Women in Business Club and how has this helped you, either in your studies or a future career? 

My mentor and marketing professor, Kelly Rys, approached me one day with an idea to start a Women in Business Club. From there, the two of us collaborated to get it off the ground and really up and running. We started it last year in spring of 2023 and have since seen tremendous growth. From exploring downtown Franklin businesses to developing a network of women at Dean College, it has been a great opportunity. Founding this club has taught me a ton about leadership and people management. I have learned how to be a leader for my peers. I have learned a lot about business management as well, from visiting and touring so many local Franklin businesses. It has been truly inspiring and I hope I continue to translate the skills I have learned to my future career.

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