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North Attleborough SEPAC presents Hero Awards

On April 27, the North Attleboro Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) presented its annual Heroes Awards. SEPAC is a is a group of parents, teachers and administrators working together to facilitate and promote effective communication and feedback while offering resources, programs, tools, and support services.

The goal is to encourage respect, acceptance and inclusion of all children within our school system and community.

This year’s Faculty Awards were presented to:

  • Kathryn Berry
  • Kathleen Brunell
  • Jessica Calderon
  • Katie Carley
  • Wilhelmina Effler
  • Cooper Greene
  • Kelsey Gregory
  • Lorraine Lemieux
  • Danielle McNally
  • Kerrin Nugent
  • Lynne Perreault
  • Michelle Soares
  • Ariene Lewicki
  • Karen Smith


The Community Kindness Awards were presented to:

  • Melissa Medeiros
  • Lynne Sirois


The Student Awards were presented to:

  • Megan Ladd
  • Riley Sullivan
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