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In North Attleborough and Mansfield, state rep candidates share their message

By Max

The Democratic and Republican candidates for state representative took to the streets to speak to voters.

Town Councilors Adam Scanlon and John Simmons are both running for the 14th Bristol County seat, held for the last 21 years by Elizabeth Poirier. Poirier became state representative in 1999 and earlier this year announced that she would not seek another term.

Simmons was among the presenters at a forum held by the Mansfield Republican Town Committee. Simmons, co-owner of the Law Office of Weiner, Jackson, and Simmons, said that his time serving the community began with Scouting and has lasted through the years. Simmons served as RTM for two terms, was on the Election Commission, and coached youth sports.

It’s why I’ve always believed in giving back,” said Simmons, the Republican candidate on Sept. 26.

Simmons said that being state representative is all about service and helping the constituents, whether by keeping taxes low, improving education, or supporting small businesses. Simmons said that the 14th district needs someone with a mature, respectful, and fiscally conservative voice.

I understand your issues because I live your issues,” he said to the crowd on the North Common in Mansfield. “I understand sacrificing to make a small business work, I understand worrying about education. I understand law and order.”

That same day, as people enjoyed a baseball game at Mason Field, Scanlon and his supporters stood on the sidewalks nearby, holding signs and waving to those driving by. Running as the Democratic candidate, Scanlon said he was excited about the way the race has gone. He added that this race is about fighting for the people and bringing equity to those that need it.

I’m really happy with what we accomplished,” said Scanlon, who served on the School Committee.

Equity, said Scanlon, can come in many forms, from requiring those with greater means to pay their fair share of taxes to providing better access to health insurance and education. Recently, Superintendent Scott Holcomb announced that kindergarten fees would be waived for the 2020/2021 academic year, and Scanlon wants to see this continue. He also hopes to boost Local Aid—which has dropped by $1 million over the last four years.

We can do better,” said Scanlon. “I’m going to be a champion that fights for every nickel and dime in this district.”

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