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Town Election postponed, date to be determined

By Max

In light of the current pandemic, the Town Council has voted to postpone the annual Town Election.

The council met virtually on March 23, and decided it would be best to find a new date for the election, which Town Manager Michael Borg needs to be held by June 30. The council decided it would be best to wait until the April 13 meeting when they can speak with members of the Election Commission to see what the best course of action would be.

This follows the filing of a bill sponsored by the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, which grants municipalities with an election scheduled to take place before May 30 to postpone it to June 30 or earlier. A public notice of the postponement will need to be made, and the voter registration deadline will be 10 days before the new date.

If absentee ballots have been submitted, they will be counted for the new election. Those who have taken precautions due to COVID-19 will now qualify for absentee voting. Early voting for any elections on or before June 30 will be expanded to all eligible voters.

The Town Election was slated to be held on April 7, and has contested races for the School Committee, Park Commission, and Board of Electric Commissioners. Borg said that those in office will have terms extended until the election is held. A new election date will need to be decided on 20 days before the it is chosen.

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