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What to know about the North Attleborough Parking Ban

On Dec. 1, the town-wide parking ban went into effect. Here is some information on the ban and how it works.

  • The ban is put into effect to ensure that the Department of Public Works can clear roadways during winter weather, such as the snowstorm that happened on Dec. 3. Doing this ensures safety on the roadways and leads to decreased accidents.
  • The ban runs until April 1, due to the tendency for early spring storms.
  • Once the ban takes effect, there is no parking on public roadways in North Attleborough when it is snowing.
  • The ban does not last all day and evening, with the exception of days when it is snowing. Make sure that vehicles are not parked on public roadways from 12-6 a.m. or vehicle owners will be subject to a parking fine.
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