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High school outlines new schedule plan

Citing schedule conflicts that impacted student learning, North Attleborough High School has designed a new school schedule that takes effect this fall.

The new schedule won’t impact arrival or dismissal times, but gives more flexibility for students, said Assistant Principal Russ Booth. Classes will go from 48 minutes to 52 minutes, with one 75-minute period each day. In addition, a 10-minute period has been included at 9:10 a.m. for breakfast.

“Some kids being put into the position of choosing between elective and academic courses,” said Booth at the June 10 School Committee meeting.

The schedule will be rotating, with courses at different blocks each day. Among the benefits will be that if a student is having difficulties in a class because of the time, it won’t be a regular problem. In addition, late arrivals won’t impact the same first class. 

The previous schedule ran on a ‘seven periods over five days’ cycle. The new one is based on a seven-day period for six blocks. All seven classes will be covered in this new period. Principal Peter Haviland said that from a teaching and learning standpoint it provides more time in each class and so more teaching and learning can occur. Haviland added that many districts have already adopted this new schedule. 

“It’s more authentic and non-traditional,” he said.  

Celine Ibrahim, a member of the high school representatives at the meeting, said the change was a good one.

“We had a lot of issues with kids fitting in things like band,” she said. “Seeing it come to fruition is really cool.”


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