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Town Council approves funds for Community Field scoreboard 

By Michael Oliveira 


The Community Field, scene of many a football game, will soon have a new scoreboard. 

Town Council voted 5-1 to approve an allocation of $44,000 for the scoreboard, to come from the town’s ARPA funds and a partnership with North Attleborough Junior Football, which will bring in an additional $64,000. The vote was taken at the council’s meeting on Monday, April 8. 

The scoreboard is set to be installed by August. 

“We had quite a bit of discussion about this where we were joined by members and representatives from North Attleborough Junior Football,” said Councilor Dan Donovan at the meeting. “We spoke about the justification for this project mainly being that the current scoreboard is beyond its useful life, it’s much like the position we were in with the high school scoreboard.” 

Donovan added that the scoreboard is difficult to read during the day. NAJF’s $20,000 contribution comes from a landscaping/maintenance budget for Community Field, but only for one year. The new scoreboard will have a small advertising space which will potentially add some revenue.

“Community Field is a community field,” said Donovan. “It’s the heart of the town for a lot of people, sop this supports that.” 

North Attleborough Junior Football has over 250 families that participate with the fields that are also being used by local North Attleborough leagues, softball, and the high school uses the field for football, and baseball. 

“It’s not just a one use field, it’s used quite a bit.” Donovan said.

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