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Water kiosk down for repairs 

A water kiosk set up in response to high levels of PFAS in the water supply is down for repairs.

According to an announcement posted by the town, the kiosk was closed for repairs on Thursday, May 2. The Department of Public Works has notified its BlueDrop technician to come out and repair the kiosk as soon as possible. 

The town opened the kiosk for Plainville and North Attleborough residents in 2022 for members of sensitive subgroups (pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children under 1 year old or persons with compromised immune systems) to have access to PFAs-free water. While intended for these subgroups, the kiosk is open to all North Attleborough and Plainville residents.

The kiosk is located at 49 Whiting St. and is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. There is no limit on the amount of water that can be taken. This project was funded through a grant with the MA Department of Environmental Protection. 

On a related note, the town announced in late April that its water supply is currently meeting MassDEP’s PFAS public drinking water standard of 20 parts per trillion or less. 

“The DPW continues to work diligently to address PFAS in its water supply,” said the town in a statement. “Since 2020, the town has brought the Adamsdale Well to compliance with MassDEP’s regulations and the EPA’s new PFAS regulation. In September, a new water treatment system at the McKeon Well will also be online, meeting the MassDEP and EPA regulations.”

The DPW is working with its engineers to develop a timeline to bring the Whiting and Hillman Wells, which currently meet MassDEP’s regulations, into compliance with the new EPA’s regulations within the next five years.

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