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Meet the Candidate: Tasha Buzzell

North Attleborough’s Town Election will take place on Tuesday, April 2, with polls at the North Attleborough High School open from 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

The School Committee is the sole contested race, with five candidates running for three seats. Tasha Buzzell is one of those candidates, and responded to a series of questions from the North Star Reporter.

Occupation: Self-employed attorney and mediator, office in North Attleborough.

Past employers: Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Judicial law clerk (Probate and Family Court), Massachusetts Department of Public Health Department of Violence and Injury Prevention (Rappaport Fellow: drafted legislation funded by Governor Romney’s budget to address, for the first time, cognitive, sensory and emotional disabilities as well as physical disabilities)

Married with three sons

Age: 43

Education: Bishop Feehan, Boston University, BA from Holy Cross, JD from Suffolk Law

Please list any experience on other boards, committees, or organizations:

North Attleborough Charter Review Committee, Chair 2020 – present

ARC of Bristol County, Human Rights Committee for 8 years, Chair for 3

Massachusetts Association of Guardians ad Litem (MAGAL): Member of Education Subcommittee (2020-present), director at large (2022-2023)

Why are you running for this position?

Every child in this town is entitled to the best that we can offer them. I grew up in North Attleborough and remember families moving here for the quality of the schools. I want to get that back for this town. The schools and the town have made progress, but there is always more to be done. Three years on the committee is just a start.

If elected, what issues would you like to focus on?

I am the current chair of the Budget Subcommittee, and I will remain focused on the School Department’s need for and use of town funds. The School Committee is a fiduciary of the town’s money, and we need to not only ensure that these funds are being used well but also ensure that the town understands the benefits that it is bestowing upon the children in its schools.

What sets you apart from other candidates?

I am a strategic thinker and balance the big picture concepts with pinpoint analysis. I dig deep to analyze how we got to where we are, what is maintaining us there, and what we need to change to get to our end goal. Sustainable decisions are played for the long game. I want to hear it all, the good, the bad, the ugly, and keep the committee moving towards progress. I believe in accountability, integrity, and intentionality, and I also insist on that that from the administration. I also believe in acknowledging effort and commitment, and in that spirit, I started the Spotlight Awards, which recognizes exceptional teachers and staff.

What are some areas that the town has improved upon and what, in your opinion, remains to be done?

I ran for School Committee three years ago because I saw conflict in the relationship between the schools and the town side of government. Once I was appointed chair, I immediately scheduled a meeting with Town Manager Mike Borg and have remained in regular communication with both him and Town Council President Justin Pare. The relationship between the schools and the town side of government has greatly improved, but I still see opportunities in continuing to grow the relationship. I am continuing to grow relationships with the teachers, continue to encourage their involvement, and sincerely appreciated the union’s endorsement of my candidacy.

Being part of a board requires one to be a team player. Does your background lend you to working well in this environment?

Although I am a lawyer in my day job (and I am well-aware of the stereotypes), I am known in that role for being able to find creative options and an ability to draw out the important information that matters to each side to try to find a solution that works better than a win/loss. Because of this, I have been appointed by numerous judges to intervene in cases to try to avoid trials. I firmly believe that anyone with an interest in the outcome can be part of the solution, and I will continue to facilitate that on the School Committee.

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