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Meet the Candidate: Aaron Whirl

North Attleborough’s Town Election will take place on Tuesday, April 2, with polls at the North Attleborough High School open from 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

The School Committee is the sole contested race, with five candidates running for three seats. Aaron Whirl is one of those candidates, and responded to a series of questions from the North Star Reporter.

Aaron Whirl is a graduate of Purdue University, with a degree in organizational leadership and supervision. As a supply chain manager, he is responsible for demand/supply planning, supplier performance and negotiations, project management, and process improvement. Aaron and wife Stacy have two daughters in North Attleborough Schools. The Whirls are members of Waters Church. In his free time Aaron enjoys golfing and jeeping.

Why are you running for this position?  

I feel it is necessary for good people to get involved in local government. There is no greater cause than supporting our community’s youngest generations at the school level. The most important thing we can do is provide a safe school environment where all children understand and realize their potential. As a member of School Committee I will support academics without agendas, where parents have a voice.

If elected, what issues would you like to focus on?  

My primary goals will focus on driving and supporting:

Academic excellence so that all students can be successful in life post-graduation:

– by prioritizing a classical education curriculum without agendas

– by supporting our teachers, staff, and paraprofessionals to focus on these efforts

– with ongoing evaluation and improvement

Transparency and parent engagement

– by increasing opportunities for involvement in the education process

– by allowing access to resources and information

– with an open dialogue that will build trust and accountability


What sets you apart from other candidates? 

I bring a unique blend of experience, integrity, and a fresh perspective to the table. My commitment to transparency, educational excellence and challenging the status quo sets me apart as a candidate who is truly dedicated to serving our community and pushing for positive change. I have attended many School Committee meetings over the past two years to voice my opinions and am not afraid to speak up in support of family values.


What are some areas that the town has improved upon and what, in your opinion, remains to be done? 

Our small-town schools have done very well for our students despite our bottom-of-the-state spending levels. I am proud of our schools, and want to ensure that all parents can continue to be proud of our schools as well. I think more important than spending, is that we provide an environment and education that instils confidence in parents, that their children are getting a safe, quality education without feeling the need to move to homeschooling, parochial, or private schools.


Being part of a board requires one to be a team player. Does your background lend you to working well in this environment?

As a supply chain and project manager, I am accustomed to working with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints to achieve success in our goals. I recognize that committee members will have different viewpoints, and I am always willing to listen and collaborate to affect positive results in our schools for the betterment of our children.

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