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Meet the Candidate: Meagan Lee

North Attleborough’s Town Election will take place on Tuesday, April 2, with polls at the North Attleborough High School open from 7 a.m.-8 p.m.

The School Committee is the sole contested race, with five candidates running for three seats. Meagan Lee is one of those candidates, and responded to a series of questions from the North Star Reporter.

Please list any experience on other boards, committees, or organizations.

  • Two-year student representative to the North Attleborough School Committee
  • Director of personnel of the Massachusetts Association of Student Representatives
  • Member of the National Student Board Member Association
  • Co-chair of the Massachusetts Southeast Regional Student Advisory Council
  • Delegate to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education State Student Advisory Council
  • Intern/tour guide for the Massachusetts Government Education and State House Tours Division under the Secretary of the Commonwealth
  • President of the North Attleborough National Honor Society Chapter
  • Treasurer of the North Attleborough Theatre Company Executive Board
  • Scholar of 2021 Youth Leadership Academy of the International Leadership Foundation.

Why are you running for this position? 

After 14 years in the school district and 2 serving as a student representative to the School Committee, I have watched the ins and outs of how the school district has operated. The education I have received in the NAPS has also fostered my love for civic engagement which has taught me to listen to and include the voices of each and every community stakeholder in decision-making processes. I am eager to offer a fresh and diverse perspective knowing that our community supports engaged advocates who make the school system stronger and more inclusive.

If elected, what issues would you like to focus on? 

I am committed to addressing critical issues surrounding mental health awareness and support, student engagement, building trust, and fostering a collaborative educational community through increased transparency. It is imperative that mental health resources are widespread in the district, reassuring students that they are not alone in their struggles, which will ultimately enforce better communication regarding students’ feelings. Furthermore, I would continue to uplift student voices and ensure academic application is made to real-life scenarios in each school. With all of these decisions being made, I would ensure that decisions are effectively communicated and honest feedback would be welcomed.

What sets you apart from other candidates? 

From my lived experiences as a student in the NAPS and as a young Asian American woman, I would represent the perspective of someone who has gone through a very recent education in the district and also one who values the importance of incorporating diverse views in making decisions. In addition, I have been a student representative to the School Committee for the past two years where I have engaged in meetings, familiarized myself with different budget and curricular processes, and connected with members of the board and of all ages of the community.

What are some areas that the town has improved upon and what, in your opinion, remains to be done? 

Two areas that have been improved are broadening the curriculum among the middle and high schools, including emphasizing STEM and the Innovation Pathways program, and bridging the gap between students from across the district by offering opportunities for younger students to form connections with older students. While these are great improvements, we still have a ways to go on other issues including transparency. This would entail ensuring that decisions made by the School Committee are promptly and clearly communicated to parents, staff, and students. In addition, it would create avenues for honest feedback from the community.

Being part of a board requires one to be a team player. Does your background lend you to working well in this environment? 

I have had the opportunity to be in many team environments and have played a variety of roles within them. For example, serving as the director of personnel of the Massachusetts Association of Student Representatives has allowed me to not only lead a committee in uplifting and supporting student representatives in their roles, but also advocate for necessary student experiences. Furthermore, I have also collaborated with other students across the district to bridge the gap by increasing engagement between high school students and their younger counterparts through mentorship and fostering the importance of different lessons such as language and environment.

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