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Donahue to serve on public works board 

John Donahue has served in town government for over 30 years and is not quitting anytime soon.

Donahue is the newest North Attleborough Board of Public Works member and will serve the remainder of Dan Donovan’s term after he resigned when he was elected as a town councilor in April 2024.

Members of the board and the Town Council voted on Aug. 28 to appoint Donahue to serve until March 31, 2024, when the term expires, after which he could run as a candidate for the position in the April 2024 Town Election.

Donahue said he might consider running for the position after the term ends but added that he wanted to see how he felt by the end of March.

“The seat had been vacant for four months,” Donahue said. “I’ll let you know when I decide to run for the seat next April.”

As a board member, Donahue will be responsible for setting policies for public works infrastructure, such as planning, building, and maintaining roads, bridges, water distribution and sewer collection systems, water treatment and wastewater treatment plants, sidewalks, drainage facilities, vehicles, and equipment.

Donovan said he thinks Donahue will do an excellent job on the board, citing his 30-plus years of experience in town government.

“I think John will be an excellent addition to the Board, and they will enjoy having him as a member,” Donovan said. “He also has a tremendous amount of knowledge of town government from his 30+ years of service but also the desire to learn more about areas with which he’s not as familiar.”

Donahue previously served on the Board of Health and the Bylaw Subcommittee and currently serves on the Charter Committee. He also served as a voter in the Representative Town Meeting from 1994 until its dissolution in 2019.

He frequently attends the Town Council meetings and always tries to follow them throughout the 

“I am retired now, so I like to keep active in town government, and it just seems that is what I like to do,” Donahue said. “It was something that my parents instilled to volunteer growing up, and it’s just something more people would do, whether it be volunteering for town government.”

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