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Meet the Candidates: Andrea Slobogan, Mark Gould and Rachel Cady-Welch

North Attleborough’s Town Election takes place on Tuesday, April 4, with polls at the high school open from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. All nine seats on the Town Council are on the ballot and 13 candidates are running for them. In this article, you’ll meet three of the candidates.

Andrea “Annie” Slobogan—Candidate for Town Council

Other boards, committees, or organizations that you are or have been a member of:

Current Town Councilwoman

Chairwoman, Communication, Public Participation, and Engagement Subcommittee

Chairwoman, Downtown North Attleborough Collaborative

Chairwoman, North Attleboro Block Party Committee

Chairwoman, North Attleboro Farmers Market Committee

Former Board Member, Revitalization Board

Former Board Member, PTO for Amvet and Roosevelt Elementary Schools

Former Chairwoman, North Attleborough Cultural

Why are you running for this position?
I am driven and passionate about North Attleborough. As a councilwoman giving back to our community is essential. I will do my best to represent what will continue to make our town thrive. As chair of the Communication, Public Participation, and Engagement subcommittee, I am proud to say we continue to make strides around more vital communication between our town government and our community. Continuing to focus on communication, collaboration, and transparency, my goal is to be a part of crafting the future of North Attleborough with the help of residents, businesses, and my elected council partners.

If elected, what issues would you like to focus on? 

There are a few issues I would like to remain focused on during my time on the council. Economic development, continuing to be an advocate for growth in North Attleborough. Supporting suitable projects will allow new and existing residents housing—communication and transparency, continuing to support our community and small businesses. As we progress, many large projects are coming our way, such as the high school, Tri-County high school construction, fire station, and more. I want to continue to be a voice for our community to ensure we are choosing the best paths for continued growth in our future.

What sets you apart from other candidates?   

My passion and drive set me apart from other candidates. I don’t stop. I love North Attleborough. Driven to listen to what our community is saying through the many events I am involved with outside of the town council, such as the Farmers Market and the Block Party. These opportunities allow me to talk with residents and small business owners to hear their perspectives, wants, needs, and thoughts on the future of our town. Through my volunteer work, I feel a closeness to the heartbeat of this town which is the people who choose to live and work here.

 What are some areas that the town has improved upon and what, in your opinion, remains to be done?

Although the town website is still a work in progress, it has changed how the town can communicate with our community. Communication and transparency between town government and the community are essential. I am excited about the next steps. The approval of the feasibility study of the high school is another positive move in the right direction for North. This study will allow the review of what is necessary and needed to move our high school in the right direction. We are looking at new opportunities for housing and businesses within our town, the positive approach to a stronger future.

Being part of a board requires one to be a team player. Does your background lend you to working well in this environment? 

I thrive at collaboration and teamwork through my volunteer work, full-time job, and time on the council. As councilors, we need to work with each other to ensure that the choices made are thoroughly vetted and discussed before voting. Subcommittees allow members the opportunity for due diligence on each measure forwarded to them from the council. As a team player, there is trust and understanding among the board that members deliberate in the best possible way before making final decisions. I do this every day. I work with people that I trust, and they put their trust in me.


Marc Gould—Candidate for Town Council

Please list any experience on other boards, committees or organizations.

North Attleborough Town Council, Finance Committee, Bylaw Committee, Rules Committee, Community Engagement Committee, RTM, Taunton Charter Committee, Framingham Finance Team, Massachusetts Municipal Finance Law Panelist, Massachusetts Municipal Law Association and Massachusetts Collectors and Treasurers Association

Website and Facebook Page 

Why are you running for reelection to the North Attleborough Town Council?

North Attleborough has provided the foundation of my life. Education, sports, community, friends, recreation, service, business, church, and so much more. To serve my community and leverage my readily transferable professional experience as Framingham Finance Director, State of Massachusetts Finance Attorney, City of Taunton Attorney and Georgetown University Summer Law Professor to serve the people of North Attleborough.

I support service-oriented and fiscally responsible policies that provide essential services for our children, adults, and elders. I provide a voice of reason and every vote I make on the council is based on what truly benefits North Attleborough.

If elected, what issues would you like to focus on? 

Finance, finance, finance. We have some major expenses looming and we need to be prepared. High school, a fire station, 10-Mile River dredging, PFAS water well remediation. We need to provide the best future for our children while remaining financially responsible.

The charter, the town’s constitution. The five-year review of our charter is next year and if elected, I expect to propose amendments to our town constitution, including staggered elections for three councilors annually and giving the people more of a voice in our government.

Community Engagement. Block party, downtown events, Kids Day, parades, holidays.

What sets you apart from other candidates?   

I have the most experience in a council form of local government of any candidate running.  I authored a city charter. Finance experience. I labor with tenacity and diligence to work hard on complex issues. I regularly exercise fortitude and fidelity to ask the tough questions and stand up for what is best for the people of North Attleborough and to hold our appointed officials accountable. I humbly ask for your vote on April 4 so that I can continue the work to serve the people of North Attleborough and move North Attleborough forward to a bright and auspicious future.

What are some areas that the town has improved upon and what, in your opinion, remains to be done?

During the past two-year term, I’ve worked with town, state, and federal partners to benefit North Attleborough. I, along with others, repeatedly requested the administration to update the town website. We worked together and the website is now much, much better! There is also a click fix that notifies town of issues in real time and gets them fixed, like potholes, for example. Also, I’m very excited the administration accepted my suggestion that the town’s laws and zoning laws will be online and searchable in a user friendly format to help both residents and businesses.

Being part of a board requires one to be a team player. Does your background lend you to working well in this environment? 

Playing on three state championship North Attleborough High football teams and as a United States Army Veteran, I’ve worked in synergy with others. Effective teamwork, however, does not mean acquiesce absent aforethought. “If two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary,” attributed to Winston Churchill. Over two years, Town Council and the town manager have agreed on voting measures a staggering 100%. In a functioning democracy, respectful disagreement and compromise is sometimes necessary. Everyone has something unique they bring to the table. I help create an environment where everyone’s ideas are truly respected and should be considered.


Rachel Cady-Welch-Candidate for Town Council

Why are you running for this position?

I am running for Town Council to make politics in this town more open and transparent so more ideas can get through to the council.

If elected, what issues would you like to focus on?

The people in the town aren’t politically active and our poles and data reflects that. What I really want to do is see my townspeople use their given right to vote.

What sets you apart from other candidates? 

I am not here for me and the council. I am here for the people and the town.

What are some areas that the town has improved upon and what, in your opinion, remains to be done?

It is great to see the crosswalk lights installed in front of Community School. It is a start. It would be great to see them all throughout downtown and maybe even an extra crosswalk by Jewel Crossing. Safety is a priority. There is more foot traffic downtown.

Being a part of a board requires one to be a team player. Does your background lend you to working well in this environment? 

I have worked in a teamwork environment for 13 years. I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. I have been fortunate to work with some amazing people and I’m looking forward to working with the council members to better North Attleboro.

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