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North Attleborough Fire Log, March 1-8

From the week of March 1-8, the North Attleborough Fire Department responded to 108 emergency calls for assistance.

  • 58 of which were medical services calls with 44 of these requiring advanced life support
  • Seven motor vehicle accidents
  • Four outside/ illegal burning investigations
  • Three system malfunctions

The remaining responses were due to a variety of otherwise unspecified reasons including odors, chemical and/or fuel leaks, assisting the physically disabled or other hazardous conditions.

On March 5 the entire working shift was required to respond to Route 295 for a reported car fire. During their operations a secondary collision occurred on the highway close to ongoing efforts which required additional assistance from the Attleboro Fire Department. Several ambulances were needed to transport those injured.

The department asks that drivers remain alert when operating a vehicle on any road, but especially at higher rates of speed and when traveling near emergency response activities. If drivers become too distracted watching responders doing their jobs, they may end up needing responders themselves.

Now that everyone has hopefully readjusted following the change of Daylight Savings this past weekend, inspect the home safety alarms. Remember – Check the clocks, check the detectors.

Smoke detector permits

The North Attleborough Fire Department has switched to an online permitting process for smoke detectors, burning permits and the standard FP-6 forms. Please go to for the link to access the online process. Please follow all the instructions and monitor emails for the progress of the permit submission.

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