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Meeting Recap: Town Council

By Max

At its meeting on Monday, Dec. 23, the Town Council approved an appointment for a new Town Attorney, discussed the upcoming election, and approved a bylaw amendment for retail tobacco inspections.

Town Attorney

Earlier this month, Town Attorney Roger Ferris announced he did not wish to renew his contract, which expires at the end of the month. Following the formation of the Town Council, a vote was taken to extend Ferris’ contract by six months.

Acting Town Manager Michael Gallagher had spoken to KP Law, which the town has worked with several times and asked if they wished to take on the role, which they agreed to. The firm has worked on the development of the Town Charter and the bylaws associated with the retail marijuana shops, among others.

I have a lot of respect for that particular firm,” said Gallagher. “They’ll do a good job for the town.”

The council voted unanimously to confirm the appointment, which runs through the end of the fiscal year.

Annual Election

The Town Council unanimously approved setting the Town Election for April 7, 2020. Nomination papers will be made available in January.

Tobacco Bylaw

At its last meeting the council heard a first reading on a bylaw amendment to establish the Retail Tobacco Inspection and Compliance Revolving Fund. This fund will have a limit of $4,500 and come from 50 percent of the tobacco permit fees. The fund will be used for retail tobacco inspections and compliance checks. The Bylaw Subcommittee has recommended acceptance, which the council voted to approve.

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