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NAHS parents see what’s new at school

NAHS parents see what’s new at school

North Attleborough High School parents got a chance to see first-hand what their children are learning this academic year.

NAHS Principal Peter Haviland welcomed the parents, saying that there were a lot of new faculty members and courses this year. Terms like “deeper learning” and “working collaborations” were some of the hallmarks of the classes.

“They’re enjoying school at every level,” he said at the Sept. 24 Open House. “The new school is working well.”

Among the changes is the opening of the Innovation Lab. Empty for years and last used for an auto body class, the room was renovated over the spring and summer to offer classes in computer science, graphic design. There is also a Maker Space with a 3-D printer and laser engraver.

Graphic Arts teacher Erin Murphy talks about the many courses that are being offered through the new Innovation Lab.

Graphic Arts teacher Erin Murphy spoke to parents about the new lab and the possibilities it has in store for students. Among the goals is developing skills in Mac operating systems, animation, and digital art to tell effective, compelling systems. Murphy reviewed some of the current projects that students are working on, as well as classes in public domain properties, Fair Use laws, and creating photo stories. 

“We want them to understand and apply these design concepts,” she said.

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