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Honor and distinction

Selectmen hold final meeting before Town Council transition

Before a group of former selectmen, the Chairman Michael Lennox banged the gavel to adjourn the meeting for the last time. 

June 27 marked the board’s final meeting before the transition to a Town Council form of government on July 1. Former members of the board were invited and called to vote on the motion to adjourn. 

Selectmen Chair Michael Lennox
Selectmen Chair Michael Lennox addresses the audience following the adjournment of the board’s final meeting on June 27. On July 1, the new Town Council was sworn in. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

“I want to thank those former members here today and publicly express my gratitude,” said Lennox. “You truly understand the experience serving on the Board of Selectmen.”

Following the motion to close, the board shared some final words on their time as selectmen. Lennox said that when he first ran he was something of an unknown and learned a lot from fellow North Attleborough residents and North TV. He thanked Town Administrator Michael Gallagher and joked that he’d likely miss hearing from him on a daily basis.

“The whole staff has worked hard for us and we would be nothing without you,” said Lennox, who along with Keith Lapointe and Justin Pare, will be among the Town Council members.

Lapointe, who will be the chairman of the Town Council, said being a selectman can be hard on the family and he thanked his for their support. He added that it can be hard to know the right answer, and a great example had been set by former board members.

“We’ve been changing every step of the way,” he said. “We’ve been investing in this community for centuries.”

Pare, who has been a member for the last year and a half, called it an “honor and a privilege” to serve on the board and thanked those that he had worked with. He said the new council has the right people for the job.

“It’s been my honor to serve on such a constructive group of gentlemen,” he said.  

Selectmen Patrick Reynolds and Patrick Sullivan opted not to run for a seat on the council. Sullivan described the board as a constructive, collaborative working environment. He added that he knew what comes next would be successful. Reynolds, who was first elected at the age of 18, thanked the town for taking a chance on him when he first ran for the board and cited all the ways the town has changed over the years.

“I’ve learned from the whole board,” he said. It’s been the honor of a lifetime to serve on the Board of Selectmen.”

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